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Get Organized

It is important to have all the necessary information for your loan process. The information helps the process move quickly.

Loan Refinancing Based in Round Rock, Texas

Loan Application
At this point, your loan originator helps you with the application. The form 1003 will be required along with other documents to initiate the loan application. Your loan originator will help you gather all forms and documents. Once all documents are gathered, the package is submitted to your chosen mortgage company.

Loan Approval
At this point, your loan paperwork has been submitted. You should be prepared to respond to any issue such as a late bill payment, credit history, and questions about accounts. Do not move money around between accounts during this time as it might add confusion. In addition, do not make major credit purchases until loan approval is complete and final.

Get Set for the Closing
It is important to be on time and prepared by bringing a cashier's check to the closing. At this time, you are able to review all documents and obtain a lawyer if to assist you, if needed. You will be required to sign all loan and title final documents.

After this process, you now are a homeowner

Contact us in Round Rock, Texas, to learn more about our loan refinancing and process.

Loan Refinancing in Round Rock TX

Information Needed:

Personal Data (Name, Address, Phone Numbers, Driver's License)
Copy of Purchase Documents Signed by Buyer & Seller
Two Years of Employment History, Tax Returns, and W-2s
Three Months of Paycheck Records
Three Months of Checking Accounts, Saving Accounts, CDs, & IRA or 401K type Investment Records
Record of House Payments or Rent Payments
Child Support or Alimony Payments
Bankruptcy Schedules and/or Any Discharge Papers

Get Qualified

Getting a loan for your new home is an important step. A pre-approval status opposed to pre-qualified status is the best way to go.

Being pre-approved gives you the boundaries of a house that is affordable. Your seller will know that you are pre-approved, which helps close the mortgage closing faster and with less anxiety.

Remember, the mortgage is part of a broader cost plan. There are taxes, utilities, and upkeep costs, too.

1301 Ray Berglund Blvd
Round Rock, TX 78664-3831

Phone: (512) 338-6002

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